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Oxfam UnwrappedOxfam Unwrapped
Monday, 1st November 2004

Give your presents some thought this year…buy a goat…or a bucket…or train a farmer…or a traditional healer.

Oxfam Unwrapped is a range of 15 highly unusual (but very practical) alternative gifts to solve the festive dilemma, available through a catalogue, a dedicated website: and through Oxfam’s 42 shops nationwide.

By buying a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped, you will be helping to change the world. Choose a gift for your friends, family or even yourself! You will receive a gift voucher and the gift of your choice will go direct to where it is needed most

Oxfam Unwrapped offers specific items such as a goat or a mosquito net and long-term services such as farming training or building classrooms. Prices start at £8/€12 for a mosquito net. A goat is available for £24/€36. Oxfam’s initiative helps people to give twice – once to a friend or loved one and secondly directly to those who need it most.

Behind the fun idea for a different kind of Christmas present is the serious intention to raise essential money for Oxfam. All the items have been carefully selected, as they are items that Oxfam regularly buys in large quantities.

For more information on Oxfam Unwrapped, please visit our website at or ring us at lo-call 1890606065 ROI / 0845 3030337 NI.

You can also e-mail us at

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