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National News

Ireland beat England 14-13
Saturday, 28th February 2009

Ireland did just enough to beat England at Croke Park this evening in a bruising encounter.

Ireland seemed to be in no trouble, leading 14-6 with two minutes to go and England down to 14 men. But then the tired legs gave way for Armitage to run onto a clever chip through for a late try which was duly converted by Goode... 30 seconds to play.. surely not.. no, thankfully.

Man of the match Brian O' Driscoll had taken some rough treatment throughout with two late tackles in particular to the upper body and head. But once again he came through, scoring another try (that's three-in-a-row now) and a drop goal for good measure. Declan Kidney's decision to retain o'Driscoll as captain now looks to have been inspirational.

Two games left, Wales and Scotland away... could this be the year ?

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