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Government decision to safeguard Banking System
Tuesday, 30th September 2008

The Government has decided to put in place with immediate effect a guarantee arrangement to safeguard all deposits (retail, commercial, institutional and interbank),
covered bonds, senior debt and dated subordinated debt (lower tier II), with the following
banks: Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Anglo Irish Bank, Irish Life and Permanent, Irish Nationwide Building Society and the Educational Building Society and such specific subsidiaries as may be approved by Government following consultation with the
Central Bank and the Financial Regulator. It has done so following advice from the
Governor of the Central Bank and the Financial Regulator about the impact of the recent international market turmoil on the Irish Banking system. The guarantee is being provided at a charge to the institutions concerned and will be subject to specific terms and conditions so that the taxpayers interest can be protected. The guarantee will cover all existing aforementioned facilities with these institutions and any new such facilities issued from midnight on 29 September 2008, and will expire at midnight on 28
September 2010. The decision has been taken by Government to remove any uncertainty on the part of
counterparties and customers of the six credit institutions. The Governments objective in taking this decisive action is to maintain financial stability for the benefit of depositors and businesses and is in the best interests of the Irish economy.
The Financial Regulator has advised that all the financial institutions in Ireland will
continue to be subject to normal ongoing regulatory requirements.
This very important initiative by the Government is designed to safeguard the Irish financial system and to remedy a serious disturbance in the economy caused by the recent turmoil in the international financial markets.

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