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PD's - No Deal Done !
Sunday, 14th September 2008


Sunday 14th September 2008

Progressive Democrat leader Senator Ciaran Cannon moved today to dispel rumours that a deal to merge with any other party is "almost complete". His statement follows suggestions from some media sources that high level discussions had taken place between the Progressive Democrats and Fianna Fail and that the outline of a merger agreement had been drawn up.

"We are at a significant crossroads in my party's history and we have some very challenging decisions to make. However we, the members of the party and we alone will make these decisions based on a careful analysis of our current situation. There is no deal done to merge with Fianna Fail or any other party for that matter. There is no draft outline of any agreement.

There have been approaches made by other parties to our elected representatives on an individual basis, which is no secret. However these have never developed to a point where a critical mass of defections would precipitate a merger and I seriously doubt if that could ever occur.

Some media speculation gives the impression that the choice before our members is to decide whether or not to return to Fianna Fail or Fine Gael.

Such commentary completely forgets the large numbers of people in the Progressive Democrats who joined the party since it's formation over 20 years ago, people who were not members of other parties but who regard the Progressive Democrats as their natural political home.

My party is one of committed individuals who are justly proud of our achievements over the last twenty years. These are the people who will decide our future and that decision will be based on what is best for the party and in particular for our members who are facing into local elections," said Senator Cannon.


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