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Dubs and Armagh Progress to Provincial Finals
Monday, 30th June 2008

Dublin overcame their own stuttering and failings to get by a very average Westmeath performance in Croke Park today. Even going a goal down early on, you always felt as if the Dubs had another gear when needed. But even they must be slightly worried at the lack of fluency throughout and the massive gaps left in midfield. Any of the better teams would have punished them severely. Having said all that, Dublin did what they had to do, and many of the Championship winning sides of the last few years have 'won ugly' at least once en route.

The Armagh performance was more impressive and once again they may have raised the bar in terms of physicality. This was a confident, well controlled display and Down just didn't have enough to get past them. Armagh are back.

The results for the weekend were :

--Sunday, June 29--

Leinster SFC Semi-Final

Dublin 0-13 Westmeath 1-8

Ulster SFC Semi-Final

Armagh 1-12 Down 0-11

Ulster MFC Semi-Final

Tyrone 1-11 Cavan 1-9

--Saturday, June 28--

All-Ireland Senior Hurling Qualifier

Antrim 1-10 Galway 6-21

CRC Round 1 Group 2A

Westmeath 3-23 Roscommon 0-13

CRC Round 1 Group 2B

Carlow 2-24 London 1-9

CRC Round 1 Group 2C

Meath 0-16 Mayo 0-12

CRC Round 1 Group 2D

Kildare 2-28 Derry 1-12

NRC Round 1 Group 3A

Louth 1-13 Fingal 0-14

NRC Round 1 Group 3B

Non Ards 3-16 Leitrim 2-16

NRC Round 1 Group 3C

Donegal 2-11 Tyrone 2-12

NRC Round 1 Group 3D

Sligo 3-15 Cavan 1-7

Leinster MHC Semi-Final replay

Wexford 1-15 Dublin 2-11

Connacht MFC Semi-Final

Mayo 1-13 Sligo 0-7

Galway 0-14 Roscommon 1-12

--Wednesday, June 25--

Munster MHC Semi-Finals

Tipperary 2-12 Clare 1-10

Cork 4-13 Waterford 1-6

Leinster U21HC Semi-Final

Offaly 2-16 Wexford 1-11

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