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Irish Websites - Effective Content Management Survey
Tuesday, 13th November 2007


• Over 3 in 5 businesses update their website content weekly
• 65% of respondents rate their website as either important or very important to their businesses

Webtrade, one of the Ireland’s longest established web design and content management companies, has today released the results of a survey showing the importance of effective website content management (WCM) for Irish businesses. The survey reveals that 70% of respondents update the content of their websites weekly, illustrating the growing importance of keeping web content fresh and up-to-date.

The Webtrade research was carried out by PAN Research among 20 Irish businesses and public sector bodies, ranging in size from SMEs to large organisations.

65% of the respondents rated their websites as either important or very important to their businesses, indicating that an online presence has become essential in today’s business environment.

Patrick Bates, managing director, Webtrade said, “The website has become a very important marketing tool and information resource for organisations. Keeping website content relevant and up-to-date creates a reason for existing customers to return to the website and new customers a fresh view of what your organisation does.”

Web marketing poses a challenge for many Irish businesses and companies are now considering tools such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA). SEO can improve the volume and quality of traffic to a website, but 40% of respondents are not aware of the benefits of SEO.
Patrick Bates, continued, “For a lot of Companies being found on search engines like Google and Yahoo is vitally important to the ROI of their website. Search Engine Advertising can be an expensive option so it is vital that companies use a content management system that allows them to optimise every page on their website to improve their natural ranking as much as possible.”

65% of survey respondents use website statistics tools, which analyse website activity and provide information on visitors to the site. Businesses can use this information to find how people are coming to your website and helps identify what areas if the website are working better than others in terms of delivering traffic.

For More information on Website Content Management Systems, go to .


About Webtrade

Webtrade is one of Ireland’s longest established web design, development and content management companies. Founded in 1998, it has developed over 500 websites to a wide range of leading companies and Government agencies. Webtrade’s services include; web design, web development, content management systems, online booking and reservation systems, online Marketing and search engine optimisation, email and website hosting

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Webtrade our proud website design partner