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Migraine Information Day in Sligo
Sunday, 17th September 2006

Migraine Information Day in Sligo

6,000 people in Co. Sligo living with migraine

As part of its activities to mark the first ever European Migraine Day of Action, the Migraine Association of Ireland will be holding a public

information day for people with migraine in the Sligo Park Hotel, Sligo on

Sunday 17th September beginning at 2pm.

The day will feature talks from a number of experts in managing migraine,

opportunity to meet other local migraineurs and a questions and answers

session with the speakers.

According to Dr. Eddie O'Sullivan, Director of the Headache/Migraine clinic

at Cork University Hospital, who is the keynote speaker at the Information

day "Migraine attacks can last for up to 72 hours. Apart from the most

distinctive symptom - a severe, throbbing, usually one-sided headache, other

symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, ultra-sensitivity to noise and light,

visual distortions, pins and needles and in some cases, even temporary

paralysis and loss of consciousness"

" Becoming informed about migraine and how it can be managed is an important

first step for patients in taking control of the condition and reducing the

impact that it can have on their lives. The information day in Sligo

presents a great opportunity for people to make this first step"

The condition affects at least 10% of the Irish population, (including an

estimated 6,000 people in Co. Sligo) and is ranked by the World Health

Organisation as one of the 20 leading causes of disability worldwide. In

spite of this, it continues to be under-diagnosed and under-treated. The

majority of people with migraine do not seek medical advice even though it

can be effectively managed in most cases with a combination of treatment,

lifestyle changes and support from families, friends and colleagues.

European Migraine Day of Action takes place on September 12th, and aims to

raise awareness of the impact and disability of migraine and to offer people

living with the condition the necessary information and support to manage it

more effectively.

For further information on migraine or on the Information day in Sligo,

contact the national Migraine Helpline at 1850 200 378 or see

Outline of Migraine Information Day, Sligo

Sligo Park Hotel,

Sunday September 17th

2 - 5 pm


Migraine: Diagnosis, Causes and Treatments

Dr. Edward O'Sullivan

Director, Migraine Clinic, Cork University Hospital

Practical Tips for managing your migraine

Esther Tomkins

Specialist Migraine Nurse, Beaumont Hospital Dublin

Complementary Treatments for Migraine

Heike Schnapauff

Birch Tree Natural Health Care, Sligo

Me and my Migraine

Mary McGranahan

Facilitator, Donegal Migraine Self-Help Group

Plus - Questions and Answers Session


For further information, please contact Peter Murphy at 01 8064121 or

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