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Sephira announce details of Kildare ConcertSephira announce details of Kildare Concert
Thursday, 20th July 2006

To mark the release of their debut album Sephira have announced details of a few select concerts in Ireland this Summer. The group who have already sold out venues such as The Helix and have played for Royalty at Dublin Castle are bringing their unique and distinctive music to Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge on July 20th at 8pm.

Sephira are violinist Ruth O’Leary (24), vocalist and violinist Joyce O’Leary (21) and pianist Colm Henry (23). All three have studied music – the O’Leary sisters each have a first class honours B.A. from the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Colm has a first class honours B.A. from UCD. They came together in 2004 and spent the year composing a wealth of music, experimenting with the instrumental colour palette, discovering the beauty in their own sound and having lots of fun!

On the advice of Irish singer Lisa Vard, the group contacted Bill Shanley (producer and guitarist whose collaborations range from Emmylou Harris to Van Morrisson to Samantha Mumba). They met with Shanley at his Cauldron Studios in Dublin and recorded a demo. In turn Shanley introduced the trio to Clannad manager Shane McDonnell. Impressed with the group’s progressive musicianship, engaging compositions and infectious enthusiasm, McDonnell offered Sephira a management and recording deal with MDM Entertainment. Work on their debut album began in earnest in Autumn 2005, under the guidance of Shanley.

Their debut public performance as Sephira was an oversold night in Dublin’s Helix Theatre. Worried that the relatively unknown trio would never fill the venue, the label called friends and family to attend. On show day, the free passes were revoked – the theatre was sold out and there was a waiting list! The classical community had rallied to see it’s newest issue and the curtains closed after three encores and a standing ovation.

Believe, the debut album from Sephira, has just been released on Cicero Records through RMGChart. The new single “My World” is released to radio this month to coincide with the Irish Concert dates.

For information please contact MDM Entertainment (01) 676 1600

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