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‘Beside the Yellow Barrel’ - An exhibition of photography by Jimmy Clarke‘Beside the Yellow Barrel’ - An exhibition of photography by Jimmy Clarke
Sunday, 6th August 2006

In Alternative Entertainments Gallery, the Civic Theatre, Tallaght, Dublin 24

8th June – 31st June 2006

From its invention and on to the present day, props and backgrounds have been an integral part of photographic paraphernalia.

From exotic hand painted backgrounds in Victorian times to the lavish and vibrantly coloured backgrounds used by modern artists such as David La Chapelle, the sitter (person being photographed) could be placed in an environment far removed from their normal, everyday situation.

Similarly, the use of props could bestow on the sitter an iconic status and remove him/her from the mundane.

Far from bestowing status on his sitters, the prop Jimmy Clark uses in his photographs is a gathering point, a focus around which are pictured his friends, family, acquaintances, even friends of friends and straying animals. All are pictured around a 40 gallon oil drum, painted bright chrome yellow, of the type used years ago on road workings. The incongruity of this prop lends the photographs a great sense of fun without detracting in any way from the underlying integrity nature of the work.

For further information contact or 01 452 0 611

Gallery Hours:

10am - 6pm

Monday - Saturday

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