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spar.gifSPAR is Ireland's largest

chain of retail food stores with over

360 high quality, conveniently located


Spar operates 3 retail formats in Ireland:

Spar for local and neighbourhood shopping.

Spar Express for forecourt shopping.

Eurospar for family supermarket shopping.

Spar is an integral part of today's lifestyle, with long

opening hours, friendly caring service offering a wide

variety of goods and services at competitive prices.

Spar was founded in 1932, when Mr.AJM van Well introduced the concept of voluntary trading to Holland. This concept was based on a partnership between independent retailers and wholesalers: they agreed to pool their strengths and work together to provide consumers with a competitive and relevant shopping offer.

He called his organisation De spar, being the initial letters of the slogan he created to describe his philosophy: "All will benefit from united co-operation". De spar translates as "fir tree" so the new voluntary group decided to use the fir tree as their logo. Later the name was abbreviated to Spar, but the underlying meaning remains the philosophy of the organisation.

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Contact Details

Name: Spar
Address: Headford Road
Telephone: (091) 766533

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